PIPAME Study : “Challenges et perspectives for the French manufacturing sector”


The study entitled ” Prospective study,

The study entitled «Prospective study, «Challenges et perspectives for the French manufacturing sector” was presented on June 12th last summer in Bercy (French Ministry of Finance). Many highly ranked speakers were present to embrace the challenges of the Sector: Innovation, Employment, Training … and the result is clear: a Status quo would be deadly to the sector in such a context of economic slackening growth and commercial tension. It was deemed necessary to transform the Sector in depth via the construction of cooperation models involving all of the actors of the sector

More information of the website https://www.entreprises.gouv.fr/etudes-et-statistiques/enjeux-et-perspectives-pour-la-filiere-francaise-de-la-fabricationwww.entreprises.gouv.fr