French Minister for the Economy and Finance Bruno LE MAIRE has signed the “Electronics Industry” Sector Contract 2019-2022

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Angers’ Electric Technocampus

The Electronic sector is announcing the launching of the first platform for the acceleration of the Electrics Industry of the Future

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This detailed brochure lists the differents jobs of the French Association for Electrical, Electronic & Communications Industries, with a highlight on highly-sought-after skilled professions and emerging professions.

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PIPAME Study : “Challenges et perspectives for the French manufacturing sector”


The study entitled ” Prospective study,

The study entitled «Prospective study, «Challenges et perspectives for the French manufacturing sector” was presented on June 12th last summer in Bercy (French Ministry of Finance). Many highly ranked speakers were present to embrace the challenges of the Sector: Innovation, Employment, Training … and the result is clear: a Status quo would be deadly to the sector in such a context of economic slackening growth and commercial tension. It was deemed necessary to transform the Sector in depth via the construction of cooperation models involving all of the actors of the sector

More information of the website , the reference website for’ French Electronics Industry.


Paris, September 17th, 2019 – A few months after the signature of the “Electronics Industry” Sector Strategic Contract by the French Minister for the Economy and Finance Mr. Bruno LE MAIRE and the professional organisations that compose the Electronics Industry (FIEEC, ACSIEL, Embedded France, SNESE, SPDEI), the Electronics Industry SSC will now have its own website.

Created in the hopes of promoting the key-objectives of the French Electronics Industry, the website is a rich source of information, that will help not only the people of this sector but the enterprises too. The website will provide information that will help the actors of the sector to actively get involved in the works of the ‘electronics industry’ sector strategic committee.

This website will be referencing the main tools to better understand the 6 levers of action of the “Electronics Industry” SSC – officially approved by the National Council of Industries (CNI) and made formal in the Electronics Industry  Sector Strategic Contract , namely : Innovation, Electronic Industry of the Future, Electronics diffusion, Skills and employment, International perspective and Artificial Intelligence.

The Electronics industry is the bedrock of digital revolution and energy transition. It comprises a plethora of actors in different domains, going from nanotechnology to Electronic power, with acknowledged skills and expertise.
With this website, we will have an opportunity to put together, display and promote the richness of our country. This is one step closer towards the shift of these assets into a true dynamic, allowing to change the perception and the attractivity of the Electronics Industry Sector in France but also Internationally” underlines Thierry TINGAUD

About the “Electronics Industries” SSC

With the creation of the ‘electronics industry’ sector strategic committee by the National Council of Industry (CNI) – Presided by the Prime Minister, the parties of the Electronics Industries gathered under the same banner with the hopes of making their industry perform even better. Considering its pervasive aspect, the goal is also to encourage the French Industry towards the path of modernization. The Electronics Industry gathers 1 100 highly qualified and specialised enterprises, and represents 250 000 employments.  Its turnover represents 15 billion euros.

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Press contact :


+33 1 45 05 70 57 /+336  26 90 14 49

The 3rd edition of the European event of excellency and industrial opportunities has expanded and now offers even more.

Let’s take a closer look on this even that will take place from march 31st to april 3rd 2020 at the Paris-Nord Villepinte Exhibition Hall.



This event (France’s largest and most important industrial fair) will be hosting the principal actors of the sector, within a unique space of no less than 3000m² in hall 5, such as :

Conception, industrialisation and electronic systems, and cards fabrication subcontracting experts – from the production sector

Component supply, manufacture and distribution experts

Equipement and consumables, starring the key-supplying experts

Services, via conception, industrialisation and electronic systems, and cards fabrication specialised service providers

Under the guidance of three major Electronics Industries Federations – ACSIEL Electronic Alliance (A professional Federation comprised of all of the major actors that play a pivotal role in the making of the value chain), the SNESE – Electronic components suppliers and associated services, the SPDEI (Industrial Electronics Distribution Professional Syndicate) – and by the FIEEC (French Association for Electrical, Electronic & Communications Industries). This space will also be supported by the ‘Electronics Industry’ SSC.

Animations will also be giving impulse to this space over the 4 days of exhibition:

-A “Place des Savoir-Faire” entirely dedicated to Electronics Industry, helping visitors to discover the different skills and knowledges of the sectors and the careers represented.

-The international Contest of handmade brewing


For further information, please contact:

Sophie ROSSIGNOL – – +33 (0)1 44 31 83 08