The 12th Edition of the « Assises de l’Embarqué » will be dedicated to the subject of safety and security

In a collaboration between Embedded France (Member of the « Electronics Industry SSC) and the DGE of the French Minister for Economy and Finance, these meetings will aim at addressing the questions of security and safety in the working process of Embedded software.

Are safety and security really compatible or is it the opposite? Will the arrival of AI in embedded software technology strengthen or weaken these systems? What are the needs and expectations of the major decision-makers of the sector? What answers can be brought by the solution providers.

All of the themes above will be tackled by highly qualified experts that will confront their viewpoints in order to come with new ideas and perspectives on the subject.

The « Les Assises de l’Embarqué» take place yearly at Bercy (French Ministry of Finance). This day of conference, discussions and networking will allow a retrospective on what is new in the sector, through the spectrum of one common thread.
In 2019, Bertrand Tavernier, VP research and Technologies  at Thales, will share his feedback on the interesting challenges regarding safety, security and AI.

Embedded France will take this opportunity to organise every year the « Trophées de l’Embarqué » Trophy ceremony. They reward business projects that developed  and implemented one or more embedded software that turned out to be particularly innovative.

Enrolments are open until the end of the month. Whether you are a Start-up or a big company, solution provider or electronics engineer, there is still time to apply !

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