The 3rd edition of the European event of excellency and industrial opportunities has expanded and now offers even more.

Let’s take a closer look on this even that will take place from march 31st to april 3rd 2020 at the Paris-Nord Villepinte Exhibition Hall.



This event (France’s largest and most important industrial fair) will be hosting the principal actors of the sector, within a unique space of no less than 3000m² in hall 5, such as :

Conception, industrialisation and electronic systems, and cards fabrication subcontracting experts – from the production sector

Component supply, manufacture and distribution experts

Equipement and consumables, starring the key-supplying experts

Services, via conception, industrialisation and electronic systems, and cards fabrication specialised service providers

Under the guidance of three major Electronics Industries Federations – ACSIEL Electronic Alliance (A professional Federation comprised of all of the major actors that play a pivotal role in the making of the value chain), the SNESE – Electronic components suppliers and associated services, the SPDEI (Industrial Electronics Distribution Professional Syndicate) – and by the FIEEC (French Association for Electrical, Electronic & Communications Industries). This space will also be supported by the ‘Electronics Industry’ SSC.

Animations will also be giving impulse to this space over the 4 days of exhibition:

-A “Place des Savoir-Faire” entirely dedicated to Electronics Industry, helping visitors to discover the different skills and knowledges of the sectors and the careers represented.

-The international Contest of handmade brewing


For further information, please contact:

Sophie ROSSIGNOL – – +33 (0)1 44 31 83 08